Bender Exklusiv - Our most gallant roof tile?

Bender Exklusiv is a single-S roof tile with a higher profile and a more significant pattern of wave. The classical single-S profile becomes both old and newer houses. You can choose from four different coatings and a large number of colors.
Consider the roof is the fifth frontage of the house and has big matter for the look. All combinations of coatings and colors give you the possibility to find your personal roof.



s veida

Техническая информация

Length: ~ 42,0 cm
Width: ~ 28,0 cm
Length on the roof: ~ 31,5 - 37,5* cm
Weidth on the roof: ~ 25,0 cm
Peace/m2: ~ 10,7-12,8 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 3,9 kg
Minimal angle: 22°

* depending on roof angle

Доступные цвета:

krasa sveidam