The R 13 S is an enlarged version of the Rheinland tile. It is also used to achieve a quiet effect in roof design. The R 13 S has a favourable effect on laying costs. Both its size and the adjustments to position permitted by its shape save time when covering.

big r13Technical specifications
Whole tiles


Length: ~ 43,8 cm
Width: ~ 25,3 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 31,0 +/-  36,5 cm
Exposure width: ~ 21,3 cm
Requirement: ~ 12,7 - 15,0  tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 3,7 kg
Minimum roof slope: 30°

The following colours are available:

melnsold coloured engobed vecinats
old black engobed
antiksantique engobed burgundieshburgundy red engobed brunsbrown engobed tumsi-brunsdark brown
tumsi-peleksdark grey
gaisi-brunspale brown matt engobed gaisi-pelekslight grey matt engobed muskatbrunsnutmeg brown noble engobed mala-tonisnatural red sarkansred engobed melns-ar-padzilinatublack noble engobed