With only 6 tiles per square metre, it is not just unusually cost-effective to lay, but is also the ecological and architectural alternative to fibre cement and bitumen corrugated sheet roofing and to many other roofing materials.

Weighing only about 6.6 kg, the large DS 5 clay roofing tile presents no challenge either when laying or to static strength.

big ds5Technical specifications
Whole tiles

Length: ~ 59,3 cm
Width: ~ 37,6 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 44,0 - 50,4cm
Exposure width: ~ 32,4 cm
Requirement: ~ 6,0 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 6,6 kg
Minimum roof slope: 22°

The following colours are available:

vecinatsold coloured engobed brunsbrown engobed sarkanbrunsred-brown engobed  
melnsblack noble engobed egluzalsfir green noble engobed malanatural red