The DS 10 clay French roofing tile has been designed as a tile capable of repositioning for large-area applications. The overhang can be varied by about 10 cm to adapt it to existing load-carrying roof constructions, and it can also be laid offset.

big ds10Technical specifications
Whole tiles

Length: ~ 48,2 cm
Width: ~ 29,3 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 32,0 -42,0cm
Exposure width: ~ 24,9 cm
Requirement: ~ 10,0 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 4,8 kg
Minimum roof slope: 30°

The following colours are available:

vecinatsold coloured engobed antiksantique engobed brunsbrown engobed tumsibrunsdarkbrown engobed malanatural red sarkanbrunsred-brown engobed