The F 7/18°flat roof tile combines economy and demanding roof architecture into one common denominator. The head joint has an interlocking area of about 30 mm. This simplifies laying and adaptation to the timberwork.

Research by the University of Erlangen confirms that up to a minimum roof slope of 18°, a roof with the Nibra F 7/18° is protected securely against rain. For this, the tile was tested extensively in the Institute of Flow Mechanics. The resistance to rain penetration of the Nibra F 7 is about 30 per cent higher than the value of the reference model. The tile’s high resistance to rain penetration is due to a special joint. Distinctively high side and head joints prevent the penetration by rain or snow. In addition, the size of the Nibra F 7 has a beneficial effect. For with only seven tiles per square metre, there is a reduction in the number of joints in the surface.

big f7Technical specifications
Whole tiles

Length: ~ 57,2 cm
Width: ~ 35,7 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 47,8 +/-  15mm
Exposure width: ~ 30,1 cm
Requirement: ~ 7,0 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 6,1 kg
Minimum roof slope: 18°

The following colours are available:

vecinatsold-black  engobed bruns
brown engobed
mandelualmond brown noble engobed (glazed) vidusjurasmediterranean engobed
melnsblack noble engobed malanatural red sarkanbrunsred brown engobed