The large F 10 clay roofing tile is a particularly striking implementation of the proven design of the flat interlocking tile. Its large size contributes to a new level of harmonious roof design.

big f10Technical specifications
Whole tiles


Length: ~ 48,2 cm
Width: ~ 29,2 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 41,3 +/-  14mm
Exposure width: ~ 24,0 cm
Requirement: ~ 10,0 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 4,3 kg
Minimum roof slope: 22°

The following colours are available:

malanatural red sarkanbrunsredbrown engobed brunsbrown engobed vecinatsold-black engobed burgundies-sarkansburgundy red engobed melns-padzilinatsblack noble engobed
metalikamaetallic noble engobed mandelualmond brown noble engobed zilsblue noble engobed egluzalsfir green noble engobed melnscobalt black noble  engobed melnsblack glazed