The F 14 flat roof clay tile covers two areas of application:the area of new roofing, and that of re-roofing. Like all flat roof tiles, the F 14 is preferred for a harmonious roofing design.

lielsTechnical specifications
Whole tiles


Length: ~ 42,3 cm
Width: ~ 26,1 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 33,5 - 34,5cm
Exposure width: ~ 19,9 cm
Requirement: ~ 14,5 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 3,2 kg
Minimum roof slope: 22°

The following colours are available:

 melns-angobets  bruns-angobets  burgundiesa-sarkans  kaparsarkans-angobets
old black
brown engobed  burgundy red
noble engobed
copper red
 muskatbruns-ar-padzilinatu-angodu  mala-tonis  sarkans-angobets  melns-ar-padzilinatu-angobu
nutmeg brown
nobie engobed
 natural red red engobed black noble