A classic tile with the most comprehensive of design possibilities. At Erlus, it is produced via normal or sinter firing. In an array of colours, engobes and special engobes, as well as a variety of surfaces and cuts.
• Requirement per m²: approx. 36-42 pieces
• Standard roof slope: 30°

big sinterbiber Größe
Format A 15,5 x 38,0 cm
Format B 18,0 x 38,0 cm
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mittl. Deckbreite
ca. 18,0 cm
Bedarf je m²
Deckungs- und Formatabhängig
Gewicht je Stück
ca. 2,0 kg
Gewicht je m² nach DIN 1055
0,75 kN/m²
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Natural red Copper Engobe Anthracite Engobe Red Engobe
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Burl Wood Special Engobe Maroon Special Engobe Siena Brazil brown Engobe
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Black Diamond Special Engobe Sinter red